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ntb group to Develop COOP Plans and Programs for Fort Worth, Texas


June 3, 2015




ntb group, LLC is proud to announce that as part of their partnership with True North Emergency Management they will lead the development of a Continuity of Operations (COOP)Fort program and develop COOP plans for several city agencies.


"Continuity of Operations is a basic responsibility of all levels government", says Paula Lerner, ntb group's Managing Partner. "Ensuring continuity of government is key to a community's survival".


The project will encompass most City agencies throughout the next year. Fort Worth, Texas is the 17th largest US city by population.


ntb group's COOP planners have advanced certifications in their fields and a combined 150+ years of experience in government and financial services COOP planning.




For more information, contact Ms. Paula Lerner, 772-538-1921 or [email protected]


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